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If you want a drill bit that will cut through your acrylic duck call barrel blanks with ease and exit the blank without chipping, then this is the one you’ve been looking for!  This drill bit will also drastically minimize your duck call barrel bore sanding as well.  You can purchase it at Webfoot Custom Calls.

I have used it numerous times for drilling my acrylic blanks and highly recommend it!  Here is the full product description:

Straight Shank Drill Bits – Shank is same size as the bit.

WEBFoot’s Acrylic Drill bits are the culmination of lots of research and input from many call makers.  The special grind on the tip of each of the Acrylic Drill Bits aids in reducing heat, clearing chips, and leaving the best possible surface finsh.  Follow these links for more information on properly using the WEBFoot Acrylic Drill Bits:  Acrylic Drilling and CCO Review and Information.

These bits feature a 90° drill point, 0° rake, and a special radial grind on the point to aid in large diameter drill entry without the need for a pilot hole (web thinning).

Custom sizes are available but have a longer turn around time.  Contact us if you do not see the size that you need.

Pictures of drilling results were performed with a 5/8″ Straight Shanked Acrylic Drill Bit.

Available in:

7/32, 15/64, 1/4, 3/8″  – Drills are ≈ 5.5″ – 6.0″ long with 3.0-4.0″ flute length

1/2, 39/64, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4″  – Drills are ≈ 7″ – 8.5″ long  (Reduced shank bits have a 1/2″ shank – Straight shank bits have a shank the same size as the drill) with flute lengths ≈ 4.0″ – 6.0″ long.

7/8″ Reduced Shank – Short Length Drill is ≈ 5″ long with 2.5-3″ flute length.

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