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I have received several requests asking for pictures of how I have my dust collection set up to each machine.  I have posted them below so hopefully this will provide you with many idea’s regarding your own.  Be sure to click on the pictures and also the enlarger icon located in the upper right corner to view in full screen mode.


Bandsaw 1A

 Bandsaw 2A

Bandsaw 3A

My Powermatic bandsaw came with a 4” dust collection port built into the back of the unit.  While it catches a lot of the dust and debris from the materials that I use in making a duck call, it does not catch it all.  As you will notice in the pictures I added a Stay Put Hose Kit and Stay Put Hose Bracket so that I can now capture a lot more that comes from the blade area on the top of the table.  This works great and I am well pleased.  I have also seen pictures where the hose was installed on the back of the bandsaw and the Stay Put Hose was routed over the top and down beside the blade.  This will also work but be sure to purchase an extra Stay Put Hose Bracket.


Drillpress 1A

Drillpress 2A

Like all drill presses, my Powermatic drill press did not come with any dust collection hook ups.  I added the same Stay Put Hose Kit and Stay Put Hose bracket that I used on my bandsaw.  This eliminates virtually 99% of the dust and debris that are generated while I am boring the holes into the body and insert of a duck call.


Sanders 1

Sanders 2A

As you can tell, I really like having several sanders with various grit belts and pads when sanding the duck call.  I have the dust collection designed so that I can restrict or increase vacuum pressure to each machine.


Dust Collector

I have been making duck calls for many years and in the past was limited to a small dust collector that only had one port.  Therefore I would have to disconnect the hose from the unit every time I used a separate machine.  Once my new shop was built, I researched every dust collection system known and finally landed on the CV 1800 LH 1P Cyclone Bundle with Filters from Clear Vue Cyclones.  If I had it to do over again I would purchase the exact same system!  It is powered by a 5 HP Leeson motor and has a 6” inlet that reduces down to the standard 4” at the machine.  It definitely has more than enough suction!  The folks at Clear Vue are awesome to deal with and were available by email and phone anytime I needed assistance.  I highly recommend them!

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